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Hey! Thank you for your interest in working at bittersweet. I began this cookie business about two years ago because I was bored one summer. It was the summer before my sophomore year at baylor. When I came back to school I brought my cookie recipe with me and would bake them for my roomies and friends. They were obsessed so I began posting about them on instagram and soon people placed orders. I applied to work for Heritage Creamery and got the job for the head baker that fall of my sophomore year. I worked for them for a year and learned a lot! That summer I planned and prepared to pitch bittersweet to the owner. He believed in me and agrreed to selling bittersweet in his ice cream shop, Heritage Creamery. I worked my butt off that entire year. It’s been one hurdle after another, but the reason I keep grinding is definitely the customers. These people are so awesome and its truly a beautiful thing to make something out of nothing and share it with someone you don’t know. When they feel the effect of one of my cookies, that is a feeling we have both felt. It’s pretty cool. I’d love to share this experience with any of you, but because the job is tough at times I am interested in applicants who can fit the specific time spans I am looking to fill on our schedule. I am also looking for experience. It is super important to have service experience becuase the lines can be crazy and it can be overwhelming. Bakers are gonna need to be tough cookies. I lift a lot of heavy baking materials, flour bags, heavy trays, and the kitchen has no air conditioning. It is definitely work. But i find all work to be worth it in some way because of the cause, effect, and experience itself. I look forward to reading your application.